Fireplace Accessories

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Open Question: Fireplace accessories?
Where can I buy accessories for my fireplace? Any idea?

Resolved Question: What website has the best prices on fireplace accessories?
I am looking to update my fireplace, get some logs and a screen and a grate, where should I order this stuff?

Resolved Question: Can a gas fireplace be converted into a wood burning fireplace?

Resolved Question: Can an inefficient fireplace be improved?
A conventional wood burning fireplace sucks the heated air out of my house for combustion. Is there a way to make an alternative air source and save the heated air. I can't afford the $5000 for an insert

Resolved Question: Has anyone ever used a fireplace hearth heater?;jsessionid=0a01025a1f435e1e23fbacc94e5aaacbe01656ebc3ae.e3eSbNySbxiNe34Pa38Ta38Qc3r0 heat exchanger with blower (tubes) it has tubes that you build the fire on then a blower forces air thru the tubes

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