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Resolved Question: How to make a home-made clock?
A clock that is easy to get the materials (I have tons clocks, so I'm making one to test something out). Are tiny solar panels cheap? (Like those keychains that run on solar energy.) Also, can a clock be made out of simple materials that most households already have? (Aluminum foil, etc.) I already know how to make a compass, amd for certain reasons I don't want to make a clock out of a potato and any food. Is it possible to get the materials without having to go to the hardware store (besides those clocks that cast a shadow when the sun hits it to tell the time)?

Resolved Question: Why do all of my homes electric clocks run fast?

Resolved Question: Master slave clocks for home use?
Are there any companies making master slave clocks suitable for domestic use? Most options I saw online seems suitable for industrial use. Master slave clock is the right option for me since atomic clocks won't work where I live. This way I can set the time at one place and be sure that the right time will be displayed everywhere.

Resolved Question: How to get the Home-screen Clock back on a HTC thunderbolt again?
I was playing on my dad's HTC Thunderbolt and tried to pull down the Notifications Bar but accidentally got my the home-screen clock dragged it down, and and threw it in the "remove" icon. How do I get it back?

Resolved Question: How many people/clocks are in your home?
How many people live in your home? How many clocks do you have in your home? Thank you for your responses. I greatly appreciate it. (It is for a class project.) (I am asking for clocks such as: alarm clocks and clocks that you hang on a wall.) I chose clocks because, I thought it be better than asking how many TVs or Computers people have.)

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