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Resolved Question: Body Shop Home Fragrance Oils?
I'm looking to make a friend homemade bath bombs/fizzies. I don't have any essentials oils but I do have home fragrance oils from the Body Shop. Do you think it would be safe? We're talking about 3 drops in a 3 cup mixture.

Resolved Question: How to make home fragrance spray?

Resolved Question: What is YOUR favorite home fragrance scent?
And what do you do to make your home smell good? =) I love candles and home fragrance oils mostly. I am just wondering what YOUR favorites are. I love the Pineapple Mango scent from Bath and Body Works right now. I guess I've been kind of fruity lately!

Resolved Question: Best home fragrances from Bath and Body Works?
Looking for a plug in home fragrance with a nice gentle scent, not to strong. Any fragrances you suggest I take a look at? Thanks! I put this question here because I'm sure if you shop here for your skin you probably pick something up for your homes too. Thx!

Resolved Question: Home and car fragrance?
hello...i love clean fresh scents,that smell like laundry orthe ocean...just fresh and clean,i'm looking to find the best brand in home oils with the sticks,and car fragrances

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