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Resolved Question: I look so good in store mirrors, but ugly in home mirrors?
Recently i went to the store and bought some clothes and thought i looked great in them, but then i go home and i think i look awful in the clothes are these mirrors designed to make me look better? It's really making me mad because i don't know what i truly look like because i look different in every mirror everywhere. I've taken pictures and i look totally different.

Resolved Question: How many mirrors are in your home?
How many people live in your home? How many mirrors do you have in your home? (It's for a class project.)

Resolved Question: Why do i look good in home mirrors but bad in school which one is true and is that how i look in real life?
i dont want to ask out the girl i like if im so ugly .... im so insecure 🙁

Resolved Question: I look decent in home mirrors but at school I look awful?
Everytime I go into my school locker room there's a mirror when you walk by the restroom and it makes me look so ugly. My face looks awful and it makes my feet look giant and also makes me look about 6' tall when I'm only 5'8. Is that actually how I look in person? It drops my self esteem pretty bad when I look into that mirror.

Resolved Question: Does sunlight make everyone look better? I look better outside with the sun than I do at home with mirrors!?
Each of my mirrors at home make me look different. My body/face/hair changes in each mirror.. But when I go outside with the sunlight.. I look WAY better.. like your face glows in the sunlight doesn't it?.. I love the sunlight.. My pictures look way better in the sunlight than they do in other areas with lots of shadows.. Does everyone look better in sunlight?

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