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Resolved Question: Interior home decors?
Am interested in finding unique and beautiful interior home decors online & that ship to Australia (not too fussed if it doesn't because ship to Oz, as I would love to see some ideas anyway). The themes that intrigue me are: + French boudoir + Indian + Oriental And materials that are silky, lacey, exquisite prints, feathers & very feminine. Even just decorative items like vases, pillows or statues would be great. And any unique quirky pieces I'd love to see too!!! Thanks for your time! Oohh, also interested in wall decor stickers, you know those silhouette shadow looking things you stick on walls!!!

Resolved Question: Magazines on home decor?
Modern home decor/bedroom redecorating/ikea style/teenage bedrooms.. any magazines like this that i can subscribe to online? maybe to canada..

Resolved Question: Comtemporary vs. Modern Home Decor?
i have discovered that my true home decor style is comtemporary but also modern BUT What is actually the difference between these 2?

Resolved Question: Home decor question?
I need some home decor advice. I will be purchasing a light grey sofa with a glossy black wood coffee table and I will be purchasing a rug to place underneath. Since I want to keep my rug neutral, what advice would you recommend as in the patterns, what color will it look best with my sofa and table? Thanks!

Resolved Question: Where can I buy really cheap home decor?
I am buying my very first home, and I want it to feel exactly like that. HOME. Who wants a plain house with nothing in it? Besides the outrageous cost of getting the house, and having to fix up a few things, plus furnishing the place, I need some decor to make it feel more homey. I dont have much money left after buying all the other things. Does anyone have suggestions for cheap, nice home decor? All suggestions are much appreciated! Thanks!

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