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Resolved Question: What are different types of photo frames for displays at galleries?
im looking for different types of frames or wahtever that i can use for photos to display them at a gallery and want to try them all out to see which works best. thanks

Resolved Question: Photo-Frames and Display question?
Okay, So i'm looking to do a collage of pictures around (50-100) on my wall and I'm not exactly sure how I should display, with maybe like a frame with that many picture slots in it..I just want to hang it on a wall. Any ideas? THANKS!

Resolved Question: Help with photo frames on walls - displaying autographs?
Ok so I have been collecting autographs for a few years and I display all of them in frames on my wall, the problem is not all of them have hooks on so nails can't always be used, and even if they did have hooks on my dad says he doesnt want to hang them all up with nails as he doesnt want lots of holes in the walls, I have been buying velcro from shops and using this to attach the frames to the walls, however the velcro sometimes doesnt stick properly causing some of the frames to fall down, my dad says it isn't safe and if I cant think of another way of doing it they will all have to come down so I was wondering whether any of you knew any other methods of sticking photo frames to the wall and if not whether you could think of any other ways for me to display my autographs accross that wall without them being damaged, I cant use shelves to stand them on as the frames have no stands

Resolved Question: Digital photo frames display jpgs in the order in which they're written to the card, NOT...? order. Any way round that? It seems that digital photo frames of all makes display jpgs in the order in which they're physically written to the inserted flash card, NOT name order. And even if you try to write the jpgs from your PC to the card in name order, some will appear out of order. Even if you write them one by one. Maybe Windows writes some to different sectors of the flash card, depending on file size. These frames use cheap chips originally designed for DVD players that are unable to get around this. Is there any way to physically write jpgs to a card in strict name order? Or is there a make of frame that will display in name order, regardless of the physical order on the inserted card?

Resolved Question: Digital photo frame will not display pictures?
I have just bought a digital photo frame (exact one on link below) for my sister but it will not show any photos on it when I load them onto the sd card. The manual is pretty useless but it dioes mention "just for your digital camera"; so does this mean you can't load things onto the sd card on the computer then display them? Thanks in advance for any help

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