Plaques And Signs

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Resolved Question: Where in Disneyland is this plaque/sign thingy? Thank u!

Resolved Question: Signed Mario Lemieux picture-plaque?
Where can i find a signed Mario Lemieux signed picture-plaque?

Resolved Question: Signed Mario Lemieux picture-plaque?
Where could i find some good signed picture-plaques of Mario Lemieux?

Resolved Question: I've got a kanye west grammy plaque from a 2006 escalade signed, how much is it worth?
the plaque is signed, decent condition, and has a certificate of authenticity. I've seen on the internet that someone was selling the "one and only" but I find that odd since I have one and it actually came from a dealer that we purchased the Escalade that Kanye took to the Grammy awards. can someone tell me what his signature is worth and if the plaque has any value?

Resolved Question: What are signs of plaque build up in your heart?
it's not just high cholesterol, right? are there other things also?

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