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Open Question: I was looking for wall coat rack so what you prefer wooden or standing mounted coat rack?
Where do you guys buy wall coat rack? i wonder which are quality coat racks, standing coat rack, coat hook rack or even wooden coat rack? Best answer 10 points. Thanks

Resolved Question: Do you used coat stand/coat racks stand in your room?
We are going to buy a production line for Wood and steel coat stand. I want to know if it is popular to use coat stand in our life? My products are similar with this website shows: http:www.plainf.com Sorry, the website would be: http://www.plainf.com

Resolved Question: Where can i find standing purse racks?
i believe in bargain :D. so its gotta be cheap. and cute. maybe not even that cute, anything will do. i have too many purses!! please help. dont tell me to google, i have already done that.

Resolved Question: A few drum rack questions?
Alright, well.. I have a basic drum set right now, (toms that mount into the bass drum..etc) But I'm starting to get crammed with cymbal stands. I have been wanting to invest in a drum rack, but my question is, would I have to buy new toms? or could my current ones convert to hook onto a drum rack? The drum rack I want http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/Pearl-DR503C-Icon-3Sided-Curved-Drum-Rack?sku=449180 only has 6 clamps, can I buy more clamps? and are the expensive? To put the cymbals onto the clamps, could I just take the top part of my cymbal stand and put it into the clamp? or would I need to buy all new hardware? Any answers to any of the questions is appreciated! Thanks! Sebastian

Resolved Question: Wall mounted shelving/dowel/coat rack - where to buy or ideas for old house?
I am moving into an old house that doesn't have a lot of closet space. There is a wide wall I could place coat racks on. I know there are kits with individual hooks, but are there any kits/ideas to place a dowel type coat rack, the same type as in a closet for hangers? Or would that be too heavy to just be wall/stud mounted? If you are also devoid of closet space, what did you do to make room for coats? Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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