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Resolved Question: What exactly is the figure in the sculpture, Reclining Figure (Wood) by Henry Moore?
Need your help for my art appreciation class. Please tell me something about the said sculpture.

Resolved Question: How to make a lifesize human figure sculpture?
I'm a senior in high school in a yearlong art class. One of our final projects is to make a lifesize figure sculpture, completely self guided with no guidelines. The medium choice can be anything. I have no experience in sculpture, esp. on a large scale. Does anyone have any tips/ suggestions? Thanks for the helpp ! 🙂

Resolved Question: Tutorials for (figure) wire sculpturing?
hi everyone i m getting intrested in wire sculpturing but haven't found really usefull tutorials besides copper scorpions and bonsai trees tutorials. Intrested in making human figures and animals.I ve seen some amazing wire knits by great sculptors but can't find any tips/instructions. Does anybody have links i could use or know some tecknique? thanks

Resolved Question: Greek Sculpture and the human figure?
what was the representation of the human figure in Greek sculpture from the iconic, ideal, naturalism, realism, and expressionism? Any works of art as examples would be nice

Resolved Question: What material is best for making sculpture figures? mold and cast?
im currently working on a sulpture out of polymor clay, its very detailed and im planning on making a mold and cast to make copies i already have the materials to make the mold but i'm not sure what material to make the finished sculptures out of, do you know any strong durable material that can be poured into a mold and hardened? i was think of resin but there are different types of them and im looking for one that wont break easily and is hard like a stone once cured. plastic sounds cheap and could shatter easily, i was going to use fiberglass resin from home depot but the resin is thick n pours slow, :/ this is my first time attempting mold n cast,

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