Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Slipcovers
Resolved Question: Does anyone know how to make slipcovers?
I want to make my own slipcovers. I think the ones they custom make on decorating shoes look so much nicer than the ones you buy. However, I am not an experieced with sewing, but do have a sewing machine. Is it superhard? I meant decorating shows, not shoes 🙂 I meant decorating shows, not shoes 🙂

Resolved Question: Where can i get a 52" zipper for a slipcover patter I have?
I have a pattern to make a slipcover for a small stuffed chair and it calls for a 52" zipper. The problem is I can't find on in Joann fabrics or online. Anyone have any ideas?????

Resolved Question: Dyeing a sofa slipcover?
I"m thinking about dying my white loveseat slipcover to a taupe. It's a fitted slipcover, and doesn't come in any colors I like, so this is my compromise. Any advice on brands of dyes and techniques? technique advice especially needed considering the size of it and not wanting any pigment variation due to dye not completely reaching areas.

Resolved Question: Slipcovers Help?
I have 2 small kids: So I need to get some slipcovers for my couch and loveseat... But the only problem is: My sofa is a 3 seater, but the ends recline. And my loveseat is also a recliner. I have looked online, but no luck... I dont sew and dont know how so can anyone help me find what I am looking for? I woud like the color to be black or anything that would be nice with a Wolf/Indain them in my livingroom.

Resolved Question: How well do couch slipcovers work?
I have an old leather couch that I really want to cover up but I don't know how well slipcovers work and don't want to spend a lot of money on something worthless.... And I don't know if it makes a difference or not but my cushions do come off. Can anybody help me out here?

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