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Resolved Question: Mercedes S500 hidden keys?
I have a Mercedes Benz S500 model 2004. when i bought it, i had only one key given which is now broken. i heard that there are some keys hidden inside or under my car but i can't find it. Does anyone knows how to find my second car key and where to find it? The car serial number i can provide for any security issues. Thanks

Resolved Question: Help! Club penguin hidden key?
Everyone says that there is a hidden key to Rockhopper's captains quarters now. Is this true and if so, where is it? Also, is there anything free or anything now? Thanks in advance!

Resolved Question: My girlfriend has a 2002 Saturn ion and she found out there is a hidden key?
Where is the hidden key on a 2002 Saturn ion my girlfriend and I can not find it and she locked her keys in the car please help us

Resolved Question: Hiding key words in Microsoft word.?
My husband was told of a way of hiding the same key word several times in a C.V.document in Microsoft word. The only one that shows is at end of the document. However when the document is searched by the key word only one shows up the rest remain hidden and can't be revealed. Anyone know what how to do this, or what I should search for in a search engine? Seems the instructions went in one of his ears and out of the other. I'm intrigued and would like to know how to do this.

Resolved Question: Best place to hide a key?
I have some VERY nosy roomates (mainly this one girl Lynn, she's a real b*tch). Anyways, I keeped some old letters from my ex boyfriend in a safe under my bed and look at them sometimes because I miss him. She ALWAYS comes into my room and snoops around. She already found the safe, and she found the key one time when she was cleaning around. I kept the key to the safe in the bottom of an old pair of boots and she found it and said in a real b*tchy voice "Don't worry I didn't look in your precious safe and I put the key on your dresser." WTF? I wanted to hit her, but I couldn't. So do you have any ideas for hiding a small key?

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