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Resolved Question: Best home security/fire safe?
I'm looking for reviews but I am having no luck. Does anyone have any recommendations or sites for good objective safe reviews? I'm looking for something ideally $300 or less but very secure and hopefully at least 1 CU of safe, with the ability to bolt it or something security so it could not be removed. Thank you in advance!

Resolved Question: How Safe Are Wireless Home Security Systems?
Are wireless home security systems safe? Info from the Brickhouse Security say "Wireless Home Security Systems are fully wireless and have built-in power supplies; even if the phone, power and Internet connections are down, your Wireless Home Security System will continue to monitor and protect your property. This feature will come in handy if an intruder cuts the power and phone lines, or there is a blackout and burglars are on the prowl." Does this mean that the system has its own cell-phone built-in or uses a satellite so it could notify the PD and if so doesn't a burglar need nothing but a signal disrupter? No I'm not a burglar, just curious in how it works and how safe it really is. We all know if you have an alarm set to the phone-line someone can cut the lines, if you have digital phone someone can just turn the power off your house, or do both. So can a disrupter knock out the system signals? The real question is, "How safe are any Home Security Systems?"

Resolved Question: Anyone have good advice or experience with a solid home-security/fire-safe?
I always do my research before buying something that isnt cheap, and i really want to give sentry a shot, but testimonials and reviews are showing hit or miss completely and nearly 50% of people dislike them and probably 20% of people take them back immediately!! I would really like an electronic lock(keypad) with an override key, but almost all if not all of sentrys safes have require both to open(i hate the idea of). I would like to be in and out quickly without problems opening or needing a code and a key(to me is stupid). Anyone have a 1.0 Cubic foot safe having a good experience. I am becoming more open to a dial lock with an override key if thats what it takes. I ultimately want a functional safe with an OVERRIDE KEY!!! I am willing to spend up to $600 Any advice welcomed Thanks alot

Resolved Question: I lost my code for my brinks home security safe?
i lost my pass code and manuel for my brinks security safe and i was wondering if anyone knew how to reset it? i have my key, but i dont know where to go from here. the safe is about 1.5feet by 1.5 feet with an electric keypad on the front. does anyone know how i could get into this safe? any help would be appreciated thank you!

Resolved Question: How safe is a home security safe?
I was thinking of buying a home safe to put money, stock certificates, jewellery, documents, etc. because my safety deposit box at the bank is just too small and hard to access and I don't store things like money or passports in it because I can't access it when I want to. So is a home safe really that safe? If someone did break into my home and find the safe how long would it take for them to open it? Is there anything I should look for in a safe? What's the least amount I should spend? I don't want to have some kind of fancy Fort Knox grade safe. I just want something were if a burglar broke in, they wouldn't be able to get at anything in the safe before they get caught. I would bolt it to the wall/floor...I just don't know where yet, as it has to be accessible by me too. A waterproof safe is not much of a need, I would probably place it on the second floor of my house, and I live at the top of a hill were it never floods. I noticed theres quite a bit of a price difference between just a security safe and a fire safe, compared to one that has both. Maybe I should buy a security safe and put a cheaper fire proof box inside?

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