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Resolved Question: Keypad security door lock...?
i am making a keypad security door lock using the microcontroller 89c51. in this the password is entered by the user. the microcontroller matches the password with the default password if it is correct the door opens. the problem is i want to introduce the feature to change the default password. in other words the user should be able to set the default password of his on will. how can i do it.? another thing if the microcontroller is turned off the changed password will remain in the microcontroller and user can enter the new password to open the door. thank you

Resolved Question: Help! I've managed to stuff up the security keypad lock code (not the power on access PIN) on my Nokia N95....
...I've only just got it, and went to change the keyguard lock code from the default '12345' to another number, but it appears I've done something daft, as the keypad isn't locking using the security code (thank goodness) and when I went into the security settings to see why, it keeps saying "code error". Does anyone know how I can reset the security codes to the factory settings? Thanks..... : (

Resolved Question: What happens if a burglar rips my ADT Security keypad thing off the wall?
Whats the response time, and i heard adt sucks

Resolved Question: Remove home security keypad and plater over wires?
Hi, I have just moved into a new house and want to remove the ADT keypad display thing, and also the alarm, from the wall before I begin to paint. Can I just tape up ends of wires and stuff into wall before I plaster over? I would assume at least one of the wires is electrical but I don't know much about this kind of thing. Thank you!!

Resolved Question: Forgot nokia 1100 security keypad lock?
i have forgotten my nokia 1100 security keypad lock...please help to open it

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