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Resolved Question: Wired/wireless security system?
Is there any security system that can hook up to 12 wired window and door sensors as well as multiple wireless motion sensors? Are they any good? Where can I get one?

Resolved Question: Good home security system?
Looking for a good home outdoor security system. Should have wireless cameras (4-6) and recorded by PC/TV.

Resolved Question: 1999 gmc sierra factory security system?
a couple years ago, someone tried stealing my 99 sierra. They popped the entire door lock from the passenger door. Since then i have had problems with the cluster, and then with it not starting from time to time. I replaced the instrument cluster but the ABS and airbag lights stay on continuously (as they did before I replaced cluster) and still having the not starting issue. I have been able to sttart it by hooking up the jumper cables to the battery and sparking the ohter ends together as to "confuse the computer". May just be coinsidence, but it started both times I have done this. When it started it was knocking then the knock would go away in a couple minutes... this happened both times I did this with the booster cables... when It doesnt start, the engine turns over and acts like its going to start, its like a "half start" if that makes any sense... could this haver anything to do with the passlock system killing the injectors? and could it be that there is no lock thing in the passenger door? its just a hole now . Sometimes the key in the on position doesnt work... it hasnt started for days at a time.

Resolved Question: At home security system?
According to statistics a burglary occurs every 14.3 seconds in the United States! What are some questions or things to consider when buying a home security system?

Resolved Question: Best wireless security systems?
I need a security system, but I live in an apartment so management requires that it be wireless. I know some store sells the ones you can install yourself and there are some not so well know companies that have these also, but I would personally feel better with a well know company coming out to install it. Does anyone have any experience with CPI or any other Company that you would recommend? Also can someone tell me how these operate, like if a phone line or internet is needed? I know I could contact the actual company for these questions, but I would like to narrow my options down before I start calling so that I'm not on the phone forever. Thanks in advance to anyone who is able to help answer my questions.

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