Carpet Steamers

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Resolved Question: Residue-free carpet steamers?
Does anyone know of a carpet steamer that leaves little or no detergent residue? I want to buy a steamer, but have been warned that most have the usual problem of leaving too much residue that makes carpets easier to soil.

Resolved Question: What other cleaners can I use on my carpet steamer?
CAn I use any other kind of cleaning salution on my Bissel steamer? Carpet cleaners are 2 expensive

Resolved Question: Is there a home made solution to put in a dirt devil carpet steamer?...?
I just bought a carpet steamer and cant seem to find out what kind of stuff to put in there maybe a home made solution to put in it?

Resolved Question: Carpet steamer and/or vacuum ?
This may be a silly question, but I honestly have no idea about carpet steaming. I just bought a Bissel Quicksteamer and was wondering how to use it as a vacuum. I didn't see any bag for dry dirt (Is the dirt container intended for both dry and wet dirt ?). I need one machine that can be used for both vacuuming and steaming. Can I use the above steamer for this purpose ? If not, can anybody suggest other machine I should buy for this purpose ? Thank you very much. Eddy

Resolved Question: Does anyone own a carpet steamer?
Do you like it? does it get rid of dog pee smell? where did you get it?

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