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Resolved Question: Please help with home organization!!!?
I need more space and an organization method for keeping the home tidy. What are some products/websites/books/magazines/suggestions/ideas towards better organizing (bedroom/kitchen)

Resolved Question: Home Office Organization tips?
I am not a very tidy person by nature. Can anyone give me some easy tips for organizing my home office.;-)

Resolved Question: Any tips for great home organization?
I have a one year old daughter and I am trying so hard to get our life organized and it's just not working for me.

Resolved Question: How would i find close to home organizations that i could foster puppies for. I mean search and rescue dogs?
i found puppies and would like them to be rescue dogs or something of the sort. I know that means i can't keep them, but im still interested. i live in universal city, texas.

Resolved Question: Can anone recommend an effective book on Home Organization, Decluttering and Housecleaning??
I am hoping to find a simple book that will enable me to organize my home, which on the surface, appears fine, but I know could be better. Books on establishing routines might help and possibly decluttering. I know there are many such books to choose from, and I am looking for a reasonably-priced book that is easy enough to follow and implement. I am sure many people have purchased such books, but are there any that can be recommended and why? Thank you.

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