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Resolved Question: Hotel? Housekeeping? Vacuum Cleaners?
My dad just got a job as the Manager of a Hotel. What vacuums are good for housekeeping and don't cost alot? It needs to be commercial grade!!! to The_divine_bubbablue Thank you but how much do riccar generally cost? it is a hotel/casino in Atlanta

Resolved Question: List of light housekeeping duties for an elderly caregiver?
I am attempting to make a list of things that are considered LIGHT housekeeping duties. It is for an elderly caregiver in a home setting, not a facility. I have the basics- vacuuming, dusting, tidying up, etc. in research, some articles also consider washing interior and exterior windows to be light housekeeping, as well as organizing cupboards and closets. I would have considered that heavier cleaning myself, so I would like opinions. What do you consider to be light housekeeping duties for an elderly caregiver?

Resolved Question: Japan Housekeeping Job?
Japan housekeeping job any advice...? Okay this is my first time to apply to a housekeeping job in a business hotel here in Japan and a little bit nervous for the job interview this coming Friday . Does anyone here have any experience in housekeeping ? I will appreciate any tips and advice to be familiar with the work. Thank you. Visa: no problem Japanese language: conversational

Resolved Question: What is considered poor housekeeping?
My house I try to keep clean,but no matter what I do they onsider it poor housekeeping, and a health hazard. I have a disablity.

Resolved Question: Working at nursing home housekeeping?
Hello I am 18 years old male. Im thinking about doing housekeeping for a nursing home. How much do they make? Also what things do they all do. I was told in high school that I should do housekeeping for people.

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