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Resolved Question: I need advice on vacuum cleaners!?
I have just bought a vacuum cleaner, but am very disappointed with it as the suction is much weaker than my old one. Apparently, the suction power on this new vacuum cleaner is 260 AW. Should I get another one or do all vacuum cleaners have a weaker suction than the old ones. Please give me your advice on this.

Resolved Question: The best vacuum cleaners!?
I have had several of the cheap vacuums from Walmart and they have all left me infuriated. I need one that will last for more than 2 months. I know that you get what you pay for and I am willing to spend some money on it, but not too much. I have 3 animals, too!

Resolved Question: Hotel? Housekeeping? Vacuum Cleaners?
My dad just got a job as the Manager of a Hotel. What vacuums are good for housekeeping and don't cost alot? It needs to be commercial grade!!! to The_divine_bubbablue Thank you but how much do riccar generally cost? it is a hotel/casino in Atlanta

Resolved Question: Cheap bagless vacuum cleaners?
What are some cheap brands of vacuum cleaner that are bagless? Does anyone have one that isn't a dyson, is cheaper and works well enough that they can recommend? Thanks!

Resolved Question: Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners?
How electrolux differ from any other vacuum cleaner and what are the unique features?

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