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Resolved Question: Where can I find upright vacuum cleaner parts (not accessories)?
Specifically for a Hoover U5753-900 WindTunnel Bagless Upright Vacuum. A link to a store would be appreciated. Thank you. When you post a link, make sure it actually sells parts. does not.

Resolved Question: Built in wall vacuum Accessories?
This house was built with one of those vacuum centers in the garage with the tube ports in each room. What is the technical name for this system and where can I buy parts like the vacuum hose? Lowes? Home Depot?

Resolved Question: What is this car part/ accessory?
I have no car knowledge whatsoever. I need to know what this part is, and whether it has any value. (Cleaning out a friends garage) Copy+Paste the image link:

Resolved Question: Where can i buy filter for my eureka vacuum in los angeles?
eureka vacuum model 5550,,

Resolved Question: How to fix a powerline 12 amp eureka vacuum?
I have model 4773AZ . I have checked everything I can to see if there are any blockages. I can't find anything. The only other thing I can think of if the part that supposed to roll... the brush thing? its not turning and I don't remember if it is supposed to. If it is.. then how do I fix it to turn? I already got all the hair out of it. I can't take it apart more than I already have . Any other ideas? Has anyone else had this problem? If I have to return to manufacturer I might be screwed because I through the box away 🙁

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