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Resolved Question: Ameriware cookware/ bakeware?
I recently bought some Ameriware non-stick cookware from Costco. Like other non-stick cookware, I was told to never cook on high heat. These pots and pans are said to be oven-proof. Anyone know what is a safe (high) temperature to bake these at without wrecking them?

Resolved Question: Quality cookware and bakeware?
i am having a hard time finding quality cookware and bakeware. what do you use? looking for something that will last at least a few years.

Resolved Question: Safe cookware and bakeware?
Hello 🙂 So I'm looking for safe cookware and bakeware for everyday usage. I'm avoiding aluminium (reacts to acidic food), nonstick Teflon (PFOA), stainless steel (Nickel). I am keen on using glass and enamel coated cookware and bakeware, as they are nonreactive. What are some brands that are safe and do not contain lead? Any one has their own good or bad experiences with these? Thank you and have a nice day! 🙂

Resolved Question: Do you use silicone Bakeware / Cookware?
I am interested to know how good or how useful it is. Can the silicone bakeware trays be used for more than just cooking baked foods?

Resolved Question: What is the healthiest cookware/bakeware material?
I would like to buy the most quality and HEALTHIEST pots, pans & bakeware (price is not an issue.) I have heard that some deteriorate as you cook with time and can cause health hazzards (cancer)...such as non-stick brands (Teflon) or even aluminum. Can you recommend what type of material (examples: stainless steel, copper, cast iron, etc.) is the best for your health to cook with and maybe even some brand names??? I greatly appreciate it!

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