Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Cutlery
Resolved Question: I need help with an essay on Cutlery?
Im doing a gastronomy essay! It is on cutlery and I'm lost I dont no what to write on or what to mention etc?? Any ideas! Or any sample essays? Thanks!!

Resolved Question: What are some machines that are used to make cutlery?
I am doing a project on cutlery and I was wondering what are the names of the machines that make cutlery? Thank you, appreciate it if you can help me out.

Resolved Question: Silver Service Cutlery - No Stainless Steel?
Hi, In both English and American novels from the early 20th century they frequently mention 'The Silver'. Was stainless steel not available then?

Resolved Question: Sheffield cutlery?
We have a set of Firth Stainless flatware with cream celluloid handles. Stamped : REDGE Sheffield with the Firth Stainless manufacturer mark on the knife blades. We think they might have been made in the 1940's or 50's. We think that REDGE is the pattern name. Any information on date of manufacture or the company would be appreciated. Thanks.

Resolved Question: What's the history of cutlery?
forks, spoons, knives >> history

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