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Resolved Question: Can you tell me the name of this kitchen gadget/tool?
I bought this gadget/tool a few months ago without knowing the name. It is hand held and looks and works almost like a peeler but makes julienne from potato, carrots etc. The store does not carry any more of this tool and I want to buy one more for my Mom. Since I don't know the name it is impossible for me to find it anywhere.

Resolved Question: Type sof kitchen gadgets/tools that my mom would like for christmas?
well she says she needs new baking sheets, but that aint enough lol. She has a kitchen aid and ladels, spatulas, pie servers and great pots and pans. Are there any kitchen gadgets or items unique or not or different that would really appeal to a cook? give me many options.

Resolved Question: What is this kitchen gadget tool called?
I need to know what this kitchen tool or gadget is called. I hope my url works! It has 2 curved (1/2 moon) stainless steel blades that criss cross in the middle. The bottom appears to have a rocking motion to do whatever it does. I searched all over and still don't know what it is for. First correct answer gets full points. Thank you!

Resolved Question: Kitchen Tool/Gadget?
Where do I find one of those "doo-hickeys" (pardon my terminology) that makes long thin curly noodles out of potatoes, carrots, beets, apples..... It's anchored down on the counter, you insert a potato and start cranking. You get these long thing curly stands of potato. Is there a name for this gadget? I have looked in my local Walmart, Target, Linen N Things, Bed/Bath/Beyond......... Maybe I need a proper name other than do-hickey!

Resolved Question: What is your favourite kitchen tool / gadget?
I think mine would have to be my hand blender!

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