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Small Kitchen Appliances

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Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Small Kitchen Appliances
Resolved Question: What brand is best for small kitchen appliances?
Cuisinart Kitchen aid Rival Hamilton beach Betty crocker tell me in order from best to worst in your opinion and why

Resolved Question: Small Kitchen Appliances/ kitchen supplies..?
I am currently working on the Wedding Registries for our upcoming wedding but had a couple questions about what to get or which is better. If you only want to answer one, that is fine, any help is appreciated! 1. The average sized crock pot? We have a good size families, but I don't want something giant when we are just using it for the two of us.. What size would you recommend, what size do you have and do you like it? 2. For pressure cookers, which do you recommend. How big? 3. For kitchen aid mixer, what watt would you recommend? I found a 300, 325, and 600. I think I'm going to go with 325, what do you think? Or if you have any other recommendations for items to be added or comments please let me know. Thanks 🙂

Resolved Question: Will Small Kitchen Appliances sold in China work in Canada?
I'm travelling in China right now, and would like to bring some small kitchen appliances (like yogurt makers and soy milk makers) back home to Canada. Will the voltage and such work between the two countries?

Resolved Question: Which small kitchen appliances are best kenmore or cuisinart?
Buying microwave, coffee pot, toaster, food processor, can opener, blender stuff like that. Which is best or are they about the same?

Resolved Question: Should I buy my small kitchen appliances and then get adapters for living in Korea?
I'm moving to South Korea to live with my husband who's in the military. I am getting all new small kitchen appliances when I get there. I could order some new online or just look around for what I want at local stores. Should I just get things like coffee pots and food processors to plug in to their electrical outlets? I would like to bring what I get back with me in 2 years, but don't know if a house full of adapters would be a good idea. We already have to get them for our tv's and computers.

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