Bathroom Lighting

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Resolved Question: Are LED bathroom lights?
available that are dimmable. I'd like to install some downlights in the ceiling but don't know where to beging. I've done a lot of web surfing and most say 1 watt but some say 3 watt. What does this mean? Any advice/info would really be appreciated. Thanks.

Resolved Question: Problem with bathroom lights?
I have three little lights in my bathroom powered by the lightswitch, however this morning turned the light switch on and they all started dimming, then just went off. they are new bulbs and the fuse box is showing that they are all on. Any ideas how I can fix this?

Resolved Question: Is the bathroom light safe?
My bathroom currently has a 'normal' light fitting (like the ones in other rooms with fitting hanging from the ceiling on a cable). Is this safe - i.e. will steam and condensation from showering damage the fitting and make the circuit and electrics unsafe? Should I change the fitting to a purpose bathroom designed one? Thanks in advance for any tips and guidance.

Resolved Question: Bathroom lighting?
Im re-doing my bathroom. I have room for one overhead light and a row of lights above my mirror. I would love lighting with big jewels or a small chandelier but im having trouble finding one. Do you know any websites or stores around the jersey shore area.

Resolved Question: Bathroom Lighting?
I would like to replace the vanity light fixture in my bathroom, but am having trouble finding one that mounts on the ceiling. I've looked at all the usual places...Lowe's, Menard's, Home Depot, etc., and online. It has to be ceiling mounted since I don't want to leave a hole to repair in the ceiling or make a new one in the wall. Does anyone know of a good online site where they sell ceiling-mount fixtures? I have found a few, but they are styled more appropriately for a dining area or such, not a bathroom.

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