Ceiling Fixtures

Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Ceiling Fixtures
Resolved Question: Light Kit to Ceiling Fixture Conversion?
Can I convert a light kit for a ceiling fan to a ceiling light fixture? Does anyone know how?

Resolved Question: Can I add an adapter onto an existing ceiling fixture?
I have to replace a ceiling fixture. There is a stud in the middle for mounting. The new fixture isn't made for that type of setup. Can I buy something to screw onto the stud so I can screw in the new fixture?

Resolved Question: Changing a ceiling light fixture?
i purchased a new light fixture and it has 2 black and 2 white wires plus a copper ground. there are only 1 black and 1 white wire coming out of the ceiling or old fixture. plus i don't see a ground to connect to the new. what do i need to do to replace the old light fixture?

Resolved Question: Changing ceiling light fixtures?
I have a ceiling fan I want to change to a simple pendant, My experience is somewhat limited......what do I need to know before I tackle this project? I will switch off the electricity!!

Resolved Question: Wire connection for ceiling light fixture?
I am installing a ceiling light fixture. I see black, white and green (ground) wire. I will be connecting the white with white, black with black and green with green with wire nuts. The first question is, are there specific sizes of wire nuts that I have to buy? Second question is.. once I connect the green to bare copper wire with wire nut, is this all I need to ground the connection? I also see green screw on the mounting bracket. Do I need to do anything with this eventhough I already connected the green wire from the fixture to the green wire from ceiling?

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