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Resolved Question: Why do my desk lamps keep burning out?
my desk lamps keep burning out. I say "lamps" because four separate lamps all with new, or newish, lightbulbs burned out within a week. All burned out when being turned on, as lightbulbs tend to do. They were all plugged into the same socket on the same power strip. One lamp takes a small standard incandescent, the others are halogen. The powerstrip is shared by this computer and related components, none of which ever seem to suffer power issues. I've assumed the probability of so many different lamps/bulbs failing is pretty low without there being some larger electricity issue. Could power spikes or dips cause a light to pop out without noticeable affect to other electronics? I can't see anything in here, please help.

Resolved Question: Can you use a Desk Lamp for a snake?
I don't wanna spend too much money on a heating lamp. Whats the best cheapest one? Is a desk lamp ok?

Resolved Question: Help, my desk lamp broke?
So I accidentally hit the pole that holds up my desk lamp and then the light turned off; the light switch no longer works. Could it have been the light bulb or the wires? What could have happened and how do I go about fixing it?

Resolved Question: Design Technoogy about desk lamp.?
can you answer my question in your personal statement. Why would you use a Halogen Bulbs in your desk lamp? Why would you use Metals than Plastic for materials to be made of? Why would you prefer Batteries for power supply in your desk lamp? Why would you choose modern design for a desk lamp? Why would you choose bright colours for your desk lamp?

Resolved Question: How can I change the brightness/dim my desk lamp?
I have a desk lamp that is 20W 12V incandescent light bulb. Basically I want to be able to adjust the lights brightness so it can be extremely dim or at max (20W) brightness as I choose. How can I do this? Cheers,

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