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Resolved Question: Do LED light bulbs freeze in cold weather?
I have exterior landscaping halogen lighting and plan on replacing the halogen bulbs with low voltage LED bulbs. I live in a cold weather state and was told when the weather gets below freezing the LED may freeze and stop working all together. For the cost of the LED bulbs I do not want to buy so many and find out that after a cold winter none of the bulbs are working. Is this something I need to be concerned about? If they do freeze, after the weather warms up, do the bulbs still work or is it a total loss?

Resolved Question: I am wanting to purchase landscaping lights, but would like to buy some good quality ones. Any advice?
I would like to buy landscaping lights that put out some good lighting. I prefer the solar but I have seen them in action and they have very poor lighting. Does anyone know of a good quality landscaping lighting? Thank you for your answers.

Resolved Question: Does anyone know how to remove oxidation from exterior lighting fixtures?
I installed all new low voltage exterior landscape lighting three years ago. The fixtures now have fairly noticable oxidation. I believe that they are powder coated cast aluminum. I have 20 path lights, a large five lamp pole fixture, and several floods that all have the same problem. I invested a fairly substansial amount of time and money in this lighting and I would like to find some way to remove the oxidation without having to replace all of the lights.

Resolved Question: Why do the bulbs in my landscape lights keep going out?
Hi, I have landscape lights along my walk and the bulbs constantly go out. They are shaped like an umbrella so there is no glass/plastic on the sides protecting them from the elements. Could that be the problem? Am I better off getting a pagoda-type so the bulb is protected from the rain, snow, etc? Thanks! They are not solar lights; they are electric and actually have a wire going to them.

Resolved Question: Where can I buy some qualify LED light?
I just need large qualities of exterior landscape LED light for municipal building,anybody can give me some advice on how to choose affordable but quality LED lighting manufacturer?

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