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Floor Lamps

Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Floor Lamps
Resolved Question: Full spectrum floor lamp?
I found this "full spectrum floor lamp" that rather fits my needs, but I can not find the name of the maker anywhere on the product. I found it in Big Lots, and they have 2 types; 60'' and 18'' . Both come with a 27 watt bulb. I looked all over the box and looked it up on the Big Lots website, too, but still can not find the brand name. All it says is "Full Spectrum Floor Lamp" (SKU: 612000513) Does anyone know who makes those lights? Also ---, if it's "Full Spectrum", do you get a sunburn if you stay under that light??

Resolved Question: Torchiere / Floor Lamp Shade?
I have a floor lamp but it's one of the ones that is open from the top so you can see the light bulb like a regular one but turned around. It had a glass shade but in my recent move we broke it. I cannot find any of those shades for a resonable price everuthing is like 85 dollars i could buy a need lamp for that lol (economy is still bad) Question is what else can I do to fix it and waste a little I hate looking at that damm bulb

Resolved Question: How to childproof floor lamps?
My 9-month crawling baby likes to play around and shakes them. How to prevent him from doing that?

Resolved Question: Modern floor lamp????????
Ok, I'm 13 and looking for a modern floor lamp, see, im setting up a cactus terrarium and I need a lamp that bends over a little bit so the light shines down on the cacti. I'm looking for something in the range of 50-75$, but I REALLY do not want to go over 100$. Any ideas? Websites? Oh, and don't worry about the type of light, im gonna use a full spectrum light bulb that fits into most lamps.

Resolved Question: How to make this lamp? it's the white one thank you:)

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