Lava Lamps Party Lights

Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Lava Lamps Party Lights
Resolved Question: What are the best party lights for a room?
I live in a fraternity and want to buy some party lights for my room? What should I buy?

Resolved Question: What are thoes lamps called again?
What are thoes lamps called thy are usually in little kids rooms ? They are scuare with paper sides and then the have a patterend weel spinning inside and they reflect the pattern on the walls of the room?

Resolved Question: I need portable lights that you can hang on walls and use regular light bulbs?
I'm having a party soon, and the room I'm renting doesn't have lights that use normal light bulbs so I'd like to get some lights I can hang on the walls but that light bulbs so I can put colored ones like green, red and orange in. Any Ideas?

Resolved Question: What are those light tubes that you can put vertically inside of a car?
It looks like a tube that goes inside of an SUV or car. They attach to the inner roof and floor. Kinda like a lava lamp They're not neon lights. They look like big lava lamps or glitter lamps that go from the roof to the floor.

Resolved Question: What supplies do I need to have a black light party?
I'm not planning on having that many people maybe 10-20. I'm turning 15. What games could we play also?

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