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Resolved Question: Any websites that sell black light accessories?

Resolved Question: Zippo lighter accessorys help?
i bought the dvd "50 ways to rock a lighter" and am getting a zippo lighter soon. i was wondering where i could buy some more wicks,flint,and brutain lighter fluid from? (and price?) i live in sydney and hope to keep this lighter always ready to rock! also to anyone who is a magician or just loves pyroness i totally recommend buying the dvd and trying it out...SO awesome! especially "the human torch" trick!! thank guys!!

Resolved Question: Where can I get the Batman Batarangs and Safety Light Accessories?
I am searching the best quality Batman Batarangs and Safety Light Accessories for buy.

Resolved Question: Light squealing accessory belt?
Had my accessory belt replaced a year and a half ago on my small front wheel drive Ford.. Last six months belt squeals waiting at traffic lights, only on damp days. On hot days its always quiet. One mechanic said it needed a new belt tensioner. I tryed some belt dressing, it hard to spray in a small area. On throttle its always quiet, at traffic light it can lightly squeal. but not always. Ford garage down the street, any suggestions? Put on a new belt? One hour labor plus belt.

Resolved Question: Installing a light accessory w/ a switch?
so i am installing a neon light in my car.. i installed a new cigarette lighter in my car to plug it into... i have an illuminated switch with three terminals reading power, groun and accesory.. the light has two wires running from the light to the plug.. how do i attatch the wires to the switch and then run it like it usually would to the plug in the cigarette lighter?

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