Multiple Lamp Sets

Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Multiple Lamp Sets
Resolved Question: How to hang a ceiling pendant lamp that has multiple wires?
I have a lamp that has great wiring but I have never hung a ceiling lamp before that has three wires. It has a green, red, and white wire. Prior to this, it was hung in a commercial setting, but now its residential. How to I do this?

Resolved Question: Anything wrong with my lava lamp sharing a power bar with multiple cords?
I only have 2 working outlets in my room so I have this big power bar that is completely filled. Sometimes I tend to fall asleep with my lights or television on or a sandwich next to me.. The directions said it shouldn't be on longer than 8 hours. Does it sound unsafe?

Resolved Question: Other Alkali Metals in Sodium Vapor Lamps?
While I have never heard of lamps using alkali metals other than sodium to produce light, I don't see why a lamp using potassium, rubidium or cesium vapor (or a mixture of these) couldn't produce light (at their respective emission lines) as well. Would they be too corrosive? Is there some other factor that makes it impossible to use these metals in this kind of lamp? I am NOT asking if such a lamp would be commercially useful, just if it would be possible in practice to make these lights run.

Resolved Question: How come when you point your remote at a light (lets say a lamp), the TV still receives the signal?
Just what the question says. When I'm at my computer, the couch blocks the box and I can't use my remote by pointing directly at it. So, I point the remote at a lamp (which is about five or six feet to the left of the TV set), and the box picks up the signal. So, why is that? Thought it was worth mentioning that no, the box doesn't receive the signal if I point somewhere that isn't lit. (Like.. the area a foot away from said lamp)

Resolved Question: How do I test my projector lamp?
Is there a way to test my lamp for a good lamp. I have 3 lamps someone told me they work. I do have a problem with my projector. The bulb doesnt light up. It had problems before with no light up. No visual defects on bulb. Is there a way to test them all? They are very expensive If I throw them out they could be worth $200 a peice. I could keep them if I repair my projector or it could be the bulb. The projector powers up with all the fans running. Well the bulbs are important. Please inform me on how to test these. bulbs

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