Neon Signs

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Resolved Question: Night photography neon signs?
When photographing buildings with lighted signboards at nights, How can I keep the signs (and surrounding scene) in focus. I have a compact camera with manual settings. Thanks very much. I should clarify that when photographing at night I only have problems keeping the lighted signs in focus and not the surrounding scene. At times, when photographing white lighted signboards at night from a distance, only the white glow is captured, the words on the sign is unreadable. Thanks.

Resolved Question: What gases make neon signs?
I saw a sign in a store and they had different colored neon signs so what gases make up these different colored signs?

Resolved Question: Wholesale neon signs?
cheapest place to buy neon signs

Resolved Question: How to make neon sign board?
Can someone tel me know how to make neon sign board

Resolved Question: Broken Power Chord On Neon Sign?
I pierced the chord on a 3 prong power chord and now it doesnt get power thus doesnt work. Is it possible to strip the plastic on chord to the side connected to the actual sign and rewire it to a new 3 prong chord so it can work again :).

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