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Resolved Question: Makeup Vanity Lamps/lighting?
I'm setting up a makeup vanity in my bedroom (IKEA Malm) and I was wondering what would be some good , inexpensive lamps for the vanity (under 50 dollars). Also, anyone know where I can get cheap organizing bins to store my makeup in for the Malm drawer?

Resolved Question: Russian Tortoise heat lamps and lights?
How many heat lamps/lights go I need for the Russian Tortoise I'm getting? What kinds should I get and what are the prices?

Resolved Question: Gig fishing lamps lights lanterns?
Where can I buy 2000 candle power gas lantern for flounder giging or find plans to build my own electric lantern?

Resolved Question: Can a reflection of a lightbulb / lamp bring light?
I've never noticed it, but was wondering - when a thing such as a lightbulb, a lamp or a candle reflects in the mirror in a room , does it bring more light in addition to the actual light source? Also, when looking at a mirror reflection or a lamp with a very pale and strong bulb, does it suppose to hurt your eyes? I mean, looking at the original source will normally do this, but when it comes to its reflection... I actually tried to check it myself, but my eyes always burn so it's not helpful... Weird question I know. Thanks for your answer!

Resolved Question: Old singer of The Old lamp lighter?
It is an old song from my grandmother's time, this is the only song i know he/they wrote. Tried wikipedia, couldnt find anything. Please Help! Not the browns. Same song by diffrent artist can be found here http://search.playlist.com/tracks/the%20old%20lamplighter

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