Pendant Lighting

Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Pendant Lighting
Resolved Question: What are pendant lights?
do the pendant lights screw into the current light fixture (recessed light fixtures)?

Resolved Question: Pendant lighting on tracks?
Is there a way to determine if a pendant light can be installed on a track (track lighting)? Are all of them convertible, or do I have to find a pendant light made specifically for track lighting?

Resolved Question: Vintage pendant light fixture search?
Does anyone know of a place where this fixture can be available for purchase? My family has had a pair of these in our house for many decades and just recently one of them broke. Any help will be very much appreciated. Thanks.

Resolved Question: Outdoor contemporary pendant lights.....where?
do you know lighting? im looking for some petite, halogen style pendant lighting for outdoors........i cant find them! thx

Resolved Question: How do I make a multi-bulb pendant light?
I'd like to make a multi-bulb light that I can screw into a standard light socket. It's a little hard to describe... Picture several individual bulbs, all hanging from one small base that screws into a single bulb socket. I would be happy if I could have ten or so standard OR smaller sockets hanging from one, or any light hanging by thin wires as long as the whole thing can be screwed into a standard socket. Thanks in advance!

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