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Resolved Question: How to get my pictures light (example included)?
I am in love with how this girl takes her pictures: http://instagram.com/filmgarden How does she do it? I have a Canon 550D, please could you tell me how I could achieve pictures like this? Thanks!

Resolved Question: Disposable camera, pictures and light?
How take pictures with the quicksnap waterproof camera from fujifilm? it has no flash(?). Has anybody some experience of how the quality of the pictures are?

Resolved Question: Slide show pictures strange lights?
does any one know what is going on in these pictures http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=o5zrVCAtEoQ&feature=channel_page mark b close but 1 thing it isnt a rainbow lookalike it is a rainbow and i can prove that light has its rings of couler before it hiots the rain the rain does not split light, I KNOW PEOPLE WHO CANT THINK WILL SAY IT ISNT A RAINBOW BUT I KNOW 100% IT IS 🙂 Caroline Lee LAW light is split before it hits rain and was a sports shutter speed

Resolved Question: Particle picture of light?
What physical effect or phenomenon can only be explained using a particle picture of light? a. Photoelectric effect b. the color and intensity of light can be varied independently of each other c. the finite speed of light d. Double-slit interference of light e. Doppler effect

Resolved Question: How to take good pictures in dim lighting?
I am a beginner in digital photography and i have a nikon d3000. the only problem is i can only take good pictures in areas with enough light. I avoid using the built in flash because i find that it cheapens the look of the picture. how can i take good pictures (maybe with flash) in dim lighting??? thank you, these are all helpful suggestions, but is there any way to use flash without washing out the foreground and ending up with a completely black background? TaylorWS, please elaborate on the definition of a "real camera." Also, how do you suppose anyone becomes anything? Am I just supposed to be BORN knowing what f-stops and shutter speeds are?

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