Sconces Wall Lamps

Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Sconces Wall Lamps
Resolved Question: Wall sconces instead of lamps on tables?
Would wall sconces instead of lamps on end-tables look funny or is it an acceptable style for a contemporary living room?

Resolved Question: Is it possible to safely convert a hardwired wall sconce into a plug-in?
I would like to convert a hardwired wall sconce into a plug-in lamp. How easy is this to safely do? How is the exposed back of the fixture covered? Is there a way to turn the fixture on and off, other than unplugging it? I've looked for DIY video or step by step instructions and can't find what I'm looking for. The sconce isn't installed. I am purchasing on hardwired one and want to convert it to a plug in type.

Resolved Question: Is is safe to convert a wall sconce to a plug in lamp?
I would like to purchase a wall sconce that was made to be hardwired and convert it to a plug in fixture. I rent and we move a lot, so hardwiring is not an option. I would love to give my daughter a nice reading lamp in her bottom bunk. She has a clip on lamp that is tearing up her bed and I can't afford the nice plug in sconces around here. Can I do this safely? I've seen the plug in wall mounted fluorescent lamps, but they're ugly.

Resolved Question: Are wall sconces bright enough for a room/office?
I'm thinking of installing sconces because space is kind of at a premium and I don't have enough desk space for a lamp--right now I'm stuck with a big monstrosity meant to be used in construction, only on my floor. Would sconces be bright enough to be used instead? I read and do paperwork in my room so that's pretty important to me

Resolved Question: Where can I find wall sconces that do not have to be hard-wired?
eg. has a normal 2/3 prong power cord that plugs into a regular outlet. Neither Home Depot nor Lowes carries any, and I don't want to go thru the hassle of running wiring. I'm fine with a cord hanging down the wall. Please don't bother answering if you're only going to tell me to "google it". "wall lamp" actually helps my searching quite a bit. Thanks jeanbug!

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