String Lights

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Resolved Question: How do you work this string of lights?
okay i bought a string of lights for this party i'm helping out has two ends, one with tongs, one without (see the picture below) i tried plugging the side with the tongs in, it didn't light up...please help me as i am very technically challenged. lol.

Resolved Question: ~~~~~Christmas LED string light question~~~~~?
Can LED lights blink? I just bought 4 sets for the first time, LED's and I noticed that there were no separate blinking light bulb. Can they? So, was I supposed to get a little bag with the lights that have the blinker?

Resolved Question: Strings of Lights Help?
ok so fur my new room i want to put thoughs strings of lights around the room, but my mom says she thought they were dangerous, so are thoughs strings of lights dangerous?

Resolved Question: String lights wont work?
A few years ago I bought a set of white string lights for my dorm room and they worked all year. Then when I got them out again the next fall after not using them all summer, they simply didn't work. I was so sad that I went to the trouble of ordering more, only to have the same thing happen the following year--they worked all school year, and then when I got them out just now to bring them to school the whole string is dark! I'm so frustrated as to why sitting in my closet all summer is making them randomly not work. Does anyone know why this is happening/how to fix it? I checked the fuses and they look fine, but it doesn't seem that they could be the issue anyway, since they can't burn out when they're not in use.

Resolved Question: Where can i find purple string lights?
hey, i really wud LOVE some purple string lights, like fariy twinkle lights any store suggestions wud be AWESOME thanks

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