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Table Lamps

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Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Table Lamps
Resolved Question: What are the components of a table lamp?
materials, manufacturing processes for a table lamp

Resolved Question: Battery operated table lamps.?
Any idea please where i could buy an operated table lamp? I have looked on ebay and amazon and didn't find what i wanted.

Resolved Question: Please give me detailed instructions on rewiring a table lamp.?
this table lamp kept flickering and then it produced a smokey smell. i pulled the plug.

Resolved Question: Smoking table lamp bulb?
my table lamp bulb just started to flicker and then smoke and smell badly of burning. the lamp is now off and unplugged. is it safe to change the bulb and use again or is it something wrong with the lamp itself?? anyone with any electroic knowledge that could help i would be greatful. Ty in advance. It was the right wattage bulb. idiot you cant put a 60w bulb in a lamp with a max of 40w!!!! (answer 2) lol There was smoke coming from the top of the lamp, as though it was coming from the bulb.

Resolved Question: Table Lamps?
How do touch table lamps work, is the sensor in the base or is it in the bulb. If it is sensors can they be bought separately.

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