Track Lighting

Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Track Lighting
Resolved Question: How to install track lighting?
currently an old floresent fixture is installed, how to replace it with track lighting.

Resolved Question: What track off light?
i have a pontac sunfire and track light come on

Resolved Question: Recessed or track lighting?
I have a ceiling fan with lights but i would like to remove the lights from the ceiling fan and then add recessed or track lighting to the room. Basically I want to keep the ceiling fan and add recessed or track lighting to the room and remove the lights on the ceiling fan. Thanks!!! how do i do this??

Resolved Question: What does track-lighting mean?
Somebody in a movie said this, "All gay men have track-lighting" Soooo....what are they referring to when they say track-lighting?

Resolved Question: What's the best, economical track lighting system for a small retail store?
I'm a little dumbfounded as to where to start with track lights. I have a small shop (about 15x30' in dimensions) and would like to install two rows of track lighting along each wall. My current track lighting was bought at Lowe's and doesn't work very well--I have to get on a ladder almost every morning and fidget with the tracks to get them to turn on. My electrician told me that this is because the tracks are cheap and he suggested that I purchase a Lightolear system. The Lightolear track heads are very expensive though, so I would like suggestions as to other high quality brands. Ideally I would like track heads that take regular e27 bulbs, but these seem very hard to find. Please help, any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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