Under Cabinet Lighting

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Resolved Question: Best under cabinet lighting?
Xenon vs LED (strips or pucks) vs halogen?

Resolved Question: Installing under cabinet lighting question.?
I bought an unfinished house and I need to install under cabinet lighting. The house builder allowed for this and there is romex wiring coming out under each cabinet and a wall switch in place to turn them on and off. 1. What would be the best type of lighting to use that could be hard wired? 2. I understand electrical very well, but what is the correct way to do the wire connections? Do I need to install a box for the connections? Thanks.

Resolved Question: Adding under cabinet lights?
we want to add undercabinet lights to our kitchen...we want hardwired ones though to avoid messy wiring and also so that all we need to do is turn on a regular switch. is it possible to tap off of a power outlet to install the lights, or do i have to run a new line? if i can tap off of it, how do i do it? thx

Resolved Question: Installing under cabinet lighting?
I want to add under-cabinet lighting to my kitchen. We want to use xenon/halogen strips under each of 4 cabinets and we wanna wire them such that no wires show and a light switch will turn them on/off. Is this something that an amateur can do? If we hired an electricitian, how much would this cost (ballpark figure)? picture of kitchen: http://img432.imageshack.us/img432/8820/kitchensizedae1.jpg u can see the 4 cabinets there that we wanna put the lights under to left of sink (behind paper towels) is a light switch to control garbage disposal and then an electrical outlet; i was thinking we could tap into that electrical outlet's power and install a light switch over there to power all of the lights. we wanna go permanent as part of our kitchen upgrading; we painted the kitchen today and are crown moulding this weekend; then we are gonna tile the backsplash, so i'm thinking we should do the undercabinet wiring first, or at least plan for it before we tile the area... all outlets in kitchen are GFCI

Resolved Question: Steps to under cabinet lighting?
Instalation prosess on under cabinet lighting how and what to install strip under cabinet lighting

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