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Resolved Question: Where to find a Wholesale Lighting market in china?
Can anyone suggest a wholesale lighting market in china other than the one in Guzhenzhen (Guzhen) for big crystal chandeliers ?

Resolved Question: Where to wholesale led lights?

Resolved Question: Where to wholesale led par lights?

Resolved Question: Cheap Christmas Lights - Wholesale UK 240v?
OK, I need to try get some christmas lights or some sort of fairy lights that are selling dirt cheap in the sales, but I don't know where.... I have tried places like Ebay and Amazon, but even there is too expensive, and I know about waiting until the after christmas sales but we had no luck last time. So please is there somewhere I can buy cheap christmas/fairy lights in 240v online? And yes I do know this isn't the right time, but every single time it gets closer to that season, people are always getting them before me. Just so that you are aware, I have been places like Homebase, B & Q and other several garden centres and they no longer have any lights on sale. The closest I've got to getting a deal was a Homebase, but now those deals are off. So no other places like that please.

Resolved Question: How do I find wholesale companies for Christmas Lights?
I've poked around google, yahoo, msn, etc. and all of the "wholesale" companies are offering small discounts below their retail prices and calling it "wholesale". Where do these companies on the Internet get their lights? (They won't tell me...I've tried) I'm interested in finding companies that actually *are* wholesale (like maybe the manufacturers?) of Christmas lights. Specifically - the mini lights in strands of 50. Does anyone know of a company that manufactures and/or distributes strands of Christmas lights ?

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