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Resolved Question: What would be a good wood chipper/mulcher?
I'm looking at getting something like a wood chipper or mulcher but I'm not sure what would work. It needs to be able to handle small tree branches, large leaves, dead plant and garden clippings. I'm not sure which one would be the most appropriate or even if it's the right type of machine for the job so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks In Advance!!

Resolved Question: Sparks on the muffler of my chipper-shredder?
I was feeding leaves and light shrub clippings into the chipper-shredder when suddenly I noticed tiny brief sparks all over the surface of the muffler. AT no time was the engine lugging. Oil level was appropriate. Any ideas?

Resolved Question: Mulcher and Wood Chippers. Any recomendations?
My wife wants me to buy her a Mulcher for Christmas. I see that the more powerful ones go up to "wood chippers" We have a lot of land with heavy clay soil so it would benefit from Mulch in the veg patch at least. We also have some woodland so could do with wood chips to make paths. BTW do you need to treat the chips with a preservative? So with small domestic electrical ones to ones driven from a tractor PTO there is a huge selection. (I may decide to buy a small used tractor.) Does anybody have any recommendations?

Resolved Question: What would be the damage ?
spelling : garden shredder If i put a stone (approx 3cm diameter) into a running garder shredder /chipper / mulcher ? Say the machine is1800watt, and 3000rpm. Just a small shredder. What kind of damage this would caused ? Thank you.

Resolved Question: What would be the damage ?
If i put a stone (approx size 3cm diameter) into a running garden shredder / chipper / mulcher ? Say the machine is small : 1800watt, 3000rpm. What would be the damage (to the machine or others) ? Some one blame me for broken the shredder by putting a stone inside. I need to know how a stone will affect the inside part of the machine.

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