Engines Multi-Purpose

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Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Engines Multi Purpose
Resolved Question: Multi-Engine-Land requirements?
What are the requirements to add a Multi-Engine-Land Rating to an existing Private Pilot or Commercial Pilots License?

Resolved Question: How come when you buy certain things at an autoparts store people assume you don't know what your talking abou
some have multi purpose other then whats on bottle for cleaning engine parts as you take them off

Resolved Question: What is the purpose of multi rib belts of a car?
I think this is the belt located in the engine bay.

Resolved Question: What is the purpose of two engine in airplane?

Resolved Question: Pressure Washer engine oil?
I recently rediscovered a somewhat old Honda 6 hp pressure washer and want to get it running. I got 2 cycle multi purpose engine oil for it and am hoping that it will work fine. I don't have any information about it with my and therefore cannot look up a owner manual. My question is basically will a pressure washer that needs say 3 cycle engine oil run with 2 cycle? On second thoughts it seems to be a 5hp and looks like this.

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