Lawn Edgers

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Resolved Question: Manual lawn edger ?
I cant remember what its called but it has a spikey wheel at the bottom and you run it along the edge of your grass and the sidewalk. Is this what people use still? it seems very hard to edge with that thing. Is there better ways? What does it do that a weedwacker doenst already?

Resolved Question: I dont know to operate a lawn edger?
My family decided to save some money by not having people mow our lawn for us. Instead, they have me do all the lawn stuff. The problem is i have no clue how to operate these machines and how to maintain them. I learned how to use the lawn mower and i have no problem with that. The edger though, i have a problem with that. i have a 30cc ryobi trimmerplus 18" from 1995 and idk how to start it up. i know about the gas in the bulb thingy, choke, and the on/off switch. i would really appreciate a thorough explanation on how to operate the edger. and it hasnt been used since last fall.

Resolved Question: Lawn edgers vs trimmers?
I recently bought a home that sat for 15 years and needless to say the lawn is in need of some maintenance. I want to get an edger and clean up the sidewalks and driveways, but am having a hard time. We have several trees and a fence that runs along the backyard. I don't know whether I should get a Black & Decker 11-Amp 7.5" Electric Edger, or if I should just get a trimmer. I know the edger will lay a defined line by the sidewalks and driveways but I don't think I can use it to trim around the trees, poles, and fence. Do they make a tool that does both edging and trimming and works well that isn't real expensive. Whats my best option. Thanks in advance.

Resolved Question: Lawn edger/mower....send rocks flying?
What can anybody tell me about lawn edger/mower safety. Can't these lawn tools send rocks flying at dangerous speeds to the point of breaking glass?

Resolved Question: Tips on using a dedicated Lawn Edger?
My driveway looks horrible. Hasn't been edged in years. I finally found a "deal" on an electric edger. It should be here next week. But, Ive never used one. Seems like I might have worked on some Lady's lawn with a manual one about 35 years ago. But,Ive never used a power one. I know the cord is a hassle so Im ready for that. And I read that to not use it on wet grass. I know its a lot easier after the first time. Appreciate any other tips for a lawn that hasn't been edged in many years. I live in Alabama if that matters. Regular grass/weeds. I ALMOST drove to Lowe's and paid full price about a week and a half ago...$89. Then I decided to look for a deal. Found a refurb ebay for $58.99 but wasn't willing to pay that much. A few days after I put it on my watch list, they lowered the price to $39.99 and for that price, I couldn't pass it up. Black & Decker 12 AMP EdgeHog Lawn Edger EH1000R

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