Leaf Blowers And Vacuums

Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Leaf Blowers And Vacuums
Resolved Question: Cordless electric leaf blower and vacuum combination?
Does this exist? I would like a leaf blower and vacuum combination and I would like cordless (tired of using the extension cable). dont want the hassle of gas. anyone know of any product out there that meets these requirements? There seem to be lots of cordless electric leaf blowers, but I cant find any that are leaf blower, and vacuum and cordless

Resolved Question: I have an Electric Corded Leaf Blower/Vacuum that shocks me, should I use it?
When I use my Leaf Blower to get rid of the unneeded junk on my fake lawn, the handle that I grip it with begins to shock me, but not severely, kind of like a light switch shock but with more power. Should I keep using it or take it back?

Resolved Question: Best leaf blower\vacuum?
What is the best at vacuuming the leaves for around $300

Resolved Question: Which works better: lawn sweeper or leaf blower with vacuum attachment?
Will the sweeper pick up as good as the blower/vacuum?

Resolved Question: Leaf Vacuum?
Is there such a thing as a small, portable Leaf Vacuum? I don't need anything to clean leaves off the lawn...just to clean falling petals and leaves from container plants on the pool deck. I'm getting tired of sweeping and a blower just blows everything into the pool.

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