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Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions For Power Equipment Manuals And Guides
Resolved Question: Platen and type guide wont move when i hit the keys on a manual typewriter?
Do you know what the spring on string is called on the machines?

Resolved Question: Yorkville Power Mixer - Matching Speakers & Monitor?
I am planning to buy Yorkville Power mixer (PowerMAX16 - Mixer/Amp - 2150w, 16 inputs) If any one used this system pls give me your views also need yr advise on matching speakers & monitor What i understand from Manual that Main speaker can be Passive but monitor has to be Powered Pls guide me Thanks Fr Reply Can you suggest the Speakers from EV

Resolved Question: How to calculate GN? + power level?
The basic math is pretty straight forward. However I'm having trouble applying it to a practical setting. (note: this is used for manual flashes on manual cameras. On equipment that doesn't have the luxury of having automatic and TTL or some fancy display that calculatese it all for you. I am confident how to do this but I need a little guidance. i.e. Speedlight stats. GN = 33 @ EI100 The subject is two metres away. The film is 100 speed film too. What power level do I need to illuminate the subject? In theory: at full power, F/16. However who really wants to shoot at full power if they don't want to... How about 1/4 power at F/8? Is this correct? What if my film is 400 speed? F/22 at 1/4 power? Assuming I'm correct, This is a lot of math to do in the field. Are there any charts or strategies I can utilize to make this easier until it becomes second nature? The flash i'm using doesn't have a chart. Are there any samples I can use as a template? Or better yet, is there one for the Yongnuo 560?

Resolved Question: I have the equipment, how the heck do I set up my wireless internet?
I have a modem and I have a router. My laptop is currently using the modem via a chord to connect to the internet but I want it to be wirless. I had it set up but then I moved and I have no idea how to get it back to how it used to be[completely wireless]. HELP PLEASE

Resolved Question: Could a dying power supply be causing my stereo components to act up?
I've been having erratic issues with my stereo for a few weeks now. The CD player works sometimes by either running fine or it'll just illuminate and not function. Some buttons on my receiver don't function and the like. I've found that when I unplug and re-plug them that nothing changes. However, I've just unplugged the power supply (old) and they seem to be functioning again. Could that be the problem? Could it also be severely cold weather causing some sort of wiring/component glitch? It seems to happen mainly when it is very, very cold (-4F).

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