Snow Blowers

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Resolved Question: Single stage snow blower?
i just bought a 5.5hp 2 stage snow blower but after i thought about it. it seamed like the single stage 4 hp was not a bad deal for for the monney at $300 less than the 2 stage. but i was trying to figer are the single stages eney good the look like they are not worth a crap

Resolved Question: Snow blower keeps stalling?
My snow blower keeps stalling. Its a Craftsman with a Briggs motor. What can I do to fix this?

Resolved Question: Snow blower air filter?
Does a snow blower has a air filter? I checked my small 2 cycle one I didn't see any .

Resolved Question: What is a good snow blower?
I would like to know what is a good blower. I have a paved driveway and sidewalks + walkways to clear. I also have snow higher than 12 inches during huge storms and i live in Ontario,Canada. Are there any good brands,types that you can suggest.

Resolved Question: Which snow blower to buy?
Ive never owned a snow blower before. I recently bought a house and my driveway is 93feet by 10 feet and 33 feet of it tapers to 17 feet wide from 10 feet. I was looking to buy a craftsman professional 357 cc 30" 2 stage...was wondering if this is over kill. I live in northwest indiana. And my nieghbors on both sides of me are older men and would definetly give them a hand. Would it be to much just for my house?

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