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Resolved Question: Plz help....Are string trimmers better than lawn edgers???
Hi garden enthusiasts out there...i need to give my lawn the perfect look..plz tell me if string trimmers are better than lawn edgers to mow my lawn..i visited the site but i need better help. plzzzzzzzzzz

Resolved Question: Why do gas string trimmers sound so noisy?
is it because the string is spinning fast? it was at 59 to 1:10

Resolved Question: Please help to choose a string trimmer for a little garden!?
Hello, gardenlovers! All my life I lived in flat, and now I've moved to house. To be honest, I'm very scared of all these blades, but I need to look after my garden. can you advice me good and SAFETY string trimmer? I saw here a review, ok, looks nice. But there are 5 strimmers, and I need just one. What do you think? As review said Husqvarna 128DJx is the best, but I need some more real recommendation. How good are they in use? Any suggestions/ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

Resolved Question: Are 4 cycle string trimmers better than 2 cycle string trimmers?
have heard that the 4 cycle "pulsates"...what this means and is this good or not? also, have heard it has a bit more torque..but what use is that for in a string trimmer? or hedge trimmer? have now a 4 cycle that uses 2 cycle it is a "hybrid"...and it is made by Shindaiwa. anyone know how come many people still want to buy 2 cycle trimmers? what are the advantages to the either? CAN EXPLAIN HOW AND WHY IT IS BETTER? CAN EXPLAIN HOW AND WHY IT IS BETTER?

Resolved Question: Can cordless string trimmers cut thick grass?
Can a cordless string trimmer with a single .080 diameter line cut a combination of crabgrass, St. Augustine grass, and tall Fescue that needs to be lowered around sprinklers? Here are some specs: 3.0 Ah; 18V; No Load Speed- 5000 RPM; Run Time- 30 Minutes; Battery Type- Li-Ion; Number of Batteries- 1; 90 Minute charge time; Cutting Width- 12". Thanks for any thoughts.

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