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Resolved Question: Weber Grill Accessories Review?
i would like to know more about weber grill there any website that reviews on it?

Resolved Question: What company makes the best gas grill?

Resolved Question: Gas grill buying tips?
i am looking for a gas grill. what are some good options and not that expensive.

Resolved Question: There are grills, grill accessories, and grill tools sold that have Teflon coating.?
Charcoal and gas grills reach higher temperatures that are recommended for non-stick items. Any suggestions on how/when to use Teflon on grills? @ what I actually meant was why do manufacturers use Teflon on grills when it won't take the heat that we want to cook at. I have several grill baskets that have Teflon on them, and now I'm somewhat nervous about using them, since I cook over a HOT charcoal fire so that I can sear the contents of the baskets. If you use indoor household grills/griddles at the highest temps most of the time, they begin to require more oil to season them so that nothing sticks. So should we be buying non-stick pans etc, or just go with the bare metal?

Resolved Question: Using a grill for first time?
I received a gas grill (Weber) as a gift and have never used one before. Can anyone offer tips on how to prepare it for use? The hardware store assembled it and attached a tank of gas to it. Do I need to do anything other than wash the cooking surface, turn the gas on and heat it up? I plan to do simple things with it at first - marinated steak or hamburgers - maybe some chicken breasts.

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