Patio Sets And Picnic Tables

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Resolved Question: Where to find cheap kids picnic tables?
where can I find cheap kids picnic tables and play sets? other than good will and places like that

Resolved Question: Table and chairs or lounger set?
Smaller backyard, we entertain a lot and like to cook, but also visit. Should we get a lounger set or a patio table set?

Resolved Question: Where can I find an all weather picnic table that seats at least 8?
I'm looking for a reasonably priced all weather picnic table or patio set that seats about 8. It has to be something that can be left outside in the rain and not get ruined. I've searched everywhere online but can't find what i'm looking for. It would be for the Albany, NY area. Thanks!

Resolved Question: What kind of patio furniture can go on grass?
I just bought a house and can't extend the patio yet. It is a very small patch of concrete, but the yard is huge. I'm in Oregon and it rains a lot. What kind of patio furniture other than a picnic table can I put on grass that would look kind of nice? I could do just a tiny 2 chair bistro set, but what about when there are a lot of people over? Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks!

Resolved Question: Where on the net can I find Rubbermaid/plastic/vinyl type patio furniture?
I have looked everywhere on the net and cant find what Im lookig for, I want a retangler type table , plastic material. I went to wal-mart and all they have is a smaller round table, I am lookig for the more sturdy plactic patio set. Can anyone help me please??

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